TV I’m Thankful For: 2011 Fall Fridays


Yesterday I launched this blog with the first post of a seven part series: TV I’m Thankful For.  Moving on from the post about Thursdays, today I’m sharing which characters I’m most thankful for gracing my television screen each Friday.  

Many Thanks: Fringe’s Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble). Every so often a character comes along that is so complex I doubt I can actually appreciate all he or she brings to a show.  Since 2008, Walter has consistently been that character for me.  Whether portraying Walter in the series’ primary or alternate universe, John Noble acts with his entire body and through every moment.  Walter’s qualities are wide-ranging; we easily find him strange, funny, scared, terrifying, and tragic all in a single episode.  He is the heart of the show, adding both laughs and tears to one of the most intriguing hours of television I watch each week.  Such a touching and interesting character is hard to come by.  Regrettably, in this case it’s on another show in jeopardy of finding this its last season.  Though (surprisingly) FOX has shown its faith and support of a genre show with abysmal ratings, if more people don’t start watching this brilliant show, its luck will inevitably run out.

Honorable Mention: Grimm’s Eddie Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) brings much of the comedy to this freshman fantasy show.  Though a Blutbad (the creature on which Little Red Riding Hood’s Big Bad Wolf is based), he fills the unwilling sidekick role in the hero’s quest to save the (mostly) unknowing citizens of Portland each week.  Brought to TV by multiple folks involved in Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it’s no surprise that we’re able to get our comic relief during this supernatural cop drama from a being battling his own inner demon.  Not since Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse left the airwaves has this brand of silly, sarcastic, dark, and ordinary bloke (with an extraordinary sitch) been seen.  Ah, I’m so missing Spike, Clem, and so many others from the Whedonverse right now!  Luckily, Eddie will be on TV later tonight to fill the void, and hopefully for weeks – and seasons – to come.

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Who among your favorite Friday characters do you want to give thanks for?

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