TV I’m Thankful For: 2011 Fall Wednesdays


It’s been fun thinking about the television characters I’m most grateful over the last few days.  I’ve already seen some of them in new episodes and feel extremely validated in my selections (like New Girl’s Schmidt and House’s Dr. James Wilson who were fantastic this week!)  Alas, it’s time to wrap up this train of thought (for now!) with the last part, focusing on my favorite folks to watch each Wednesday.  

Many Thanks: Revenge’s Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann). To say Revenge is this season’s hit guilty pleasure is beyond obvious. It’s not often that people ask me about a show before I’ve gotten the chance to ask them.  This fall, I (the TV guru so many people think me to be!) was asked more times than I can remember about the new piece of nighttime soap perfection called Revenge.  For those out there who have somehow missed the buzz, here’s your wake-up call.  Don’t think I’m ungrateful for Emily VanCamp’s massive departure from her past roles on Everwood and Brothers & Sisters.  She is fantastic in Revenge!  As the scene stealer of the show, though, Nolan has developed from an annoying geek to a cunning ally.  The fact that he has given us almost as many surprises as he has layers has me wondering, is he truly the ally we’ve thought him to be?  The questions he’s now provoking coupled with the quirky mannerisms, playful turns of phrase, varied tones of voice, and those seduction scenes (you know which ones I’m talking about!) has made me forget what the heck else is on Wednesday nights except…

Honorable Mention: Modern Family’s Gloria Delgado-Pritchett (Sofia Vergara) reminds me of a present day Lucy Ricardo.  In an ensemble that’s always funny, and has many standout stars, Sofia – who started out strong – has developed into an even greater powerhouse.  Now in Season 3, Sofia’s found her place among the comedians while Gloria’s found her place in the family.  Even her throwaway one-liners are now some of the funniest parts of an already heartwarmingly hilarious comedy. 

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So, who did I miss?  Are there any others among your favorite Wednesday characters you want to give thanks for?

P.S.  Thank you for helping me kick off the first week of my new blog!  I’d be surprised if I’m able to write on a daily basis going forward, but I promise to come back as often as I can.  You know I love TV more than I should, so whenever time permits I’ll be here sharing my obsession with anyone who is interested!

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