TV To Do: 2012 March Premieres


Perhaps my memory is failing, but I simply cannot recall a television season with this many intermittent hiatuses and series premieres sprinkled throughout the year!  Don’t get me wrong: I am in no way complaining.  Instead, I’m putting together another TV To Do list to keep tabs on the updates I need to remember regarding my viewing schedule this month.

Week 1

Awake:  This new drama officially premiered Thursday, March 1st.  I was so pumped to assess the hype surrounding this show that I actually caught an advanced premiere online a few weeks back.  A wonderfully grounded performance by Jason Isaacs makes this tale of two realities entirely believable, cementing emotional investment within the first few minutes of the pilot.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, I’m not sure I can recommend it enough.  Yes, it’s as good as everyone has been saying it would be since industry insiders got to check it out last year, which is why they’re all still talking about it now!

Week 2

GCB:  Sunday, March 4th brings the premiere of another long-awaited one-hour show.  Set in Texas, GCB (Good Christian Belles, formally titled Good Christian Bitches) seems to be a mean girls update meets high school reunion dramedy.  In planning to watch, I’m set and ready for the not-so-subtle tricks this big girl soap will undoubtedly offer – and I’m alright with that.

Week 3

Community:  One of my favorite sitcoms on television today, Community finally returns from its uber-long break on Thursday, March 15th.  When the third season resumes, we should be kicking off a healthy stretch of all new episodes.  After such a long drought, I’m confident that the Contemporary Impressionist focus of the first new ep back will not disappoint.

Week 4

Touch:  Thursday, March 22nd marks the official premiere of another new drama.  Like many, I indulged in the special pilot sneak peek back in January and even selected it then as a Pick of the Week.  Like Awake, it’s got a bit of a fantastical flourish; in fact, I’d say it requires an even bigger suspension of disbelief.  Still, if its writers can manage to build on what’s established in the pilot and still keep it diverse and fresh, this show has great potential to amaze.

Fringe:  Fringe resumes to first-run programming after almost a month off Friday, March 23rd.  Simply stated, this season has been epic.  Regardless of Fringe’s renewal prospects, it’s been an amazing ride.  So, I don’t expect the last episodes of this season (or, *gulp*, series) to be anywhere short of the consistently mind-blowing high bar we’ve become lucky enough rely on.

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There are even more premieres – and quite a few finales – on deck this month.  Are you planning to tune in to these or others?  What’s on your March TV To Do list?

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